About The Application

Maatis’aal is an interactive mobile device application which allows its users to register for updates on various legal fields that interest them as well as have the possibility of obtaining a membership to receive one-on-one legal advice and premium updates. The legal consultancy application is currently only covering Egypt but is anticipated to further expand into the MENA region and Africa over time.

The name Maatis’aal came into existence through combination of an everyday used colloquial term in Egypt “matisal,” which simply put is “why don’t you ask?” and the Ancient Egyptian goddess Ma’at, the goddess of Truth, Balance, Order, Law, and Justice.

Why Choose Us?

You ask, why should I choose Maatis’aal?

Well, let us tell you why. The application’s aim is to help users get the legal advice and updates they are inserted in obtaining through the apps alerts, news articles, and newsletter features. Users may also be able to obtain membership for a more personalized use of the application using its one-on-one inquiry feature. This feature provides you access to a lawyer from one of Egypt’s longest standing firms. We pry ourselves at being dedicated, efficient and reliable. We are here to help you out.

So just ask and we’ll answer.

Our teams

Transport and Logistics

Transport and Logistics

The Transport & Logistics team at Maatisaal has extensive knowledge in the maritime field in Egypt, which has allowed us to broaden our fields of work to also encompass additional facets of transport both inland as well as the logistics that surround them. Shipping The Shipping department of the team has profound knowledge with respect to all things related to the international shipping industry. Our longstanding experience and proficiency produced us to work with most of Protection & Indemnity Associations in the Egyptian ports and to be the legal advisor of the Shipping Chambers in Egypt. As our most renowned and specialized field of expertise we have a solid understanding of how the market works from the perspective of the P&I Clubs, underwriters, ship-owners, charterers, providers, freight forwarders, and cargo interest. Our team’s years of experience in dealing with the port authorities, terminals, and other respective governmental departments, which allows us to consult our users efficiently and in the prescribed time. Our focus is on assisting our users to guard against and manage risks, and to advise them on the best measures to be taken to resolve disputes. We specialize in handling the following topics: • Environmental claims • Cargo Claims • Inland transportation • Suez Canal Disputes • Bills of Lading and Charterparties • Commercial Maritime Matters • Ships Arrest • Collision and Shipwreck Accidents • Marine Disasters • Ports and Terminals Inland Transport: Due to the expansion of the inland transport activities, reflecting the rapid progress of Multimodule transport, we provide all consultation with respect to legal services to our users in connection with such kinds of transportation. Our consultation includes matters such as road incidents, theft of cargo and containers, broken seals, cargo claims, documentation process, breach of contracts and insurance. Logistics: Members of our team have represented some of the top logistics companies based in Egypt whom operate both locally and worldwide. Our services for such companies entail service contracts, warehousing matters, multimodal transport contracts and issues etc… which enable us to advise both companies and/or individuals.



Maatisaal’s telecommunication team offers a wide range of legal advice ranging from drafting, revising and editing mobile agreements, telecommunication outsourcing contracts to consumer contracts & protection. We give strategic advice in the commercial field on the development of telecommunications products brands and services. Our team’s aim is to cater to the needs of each of our users in order to create the most efficient working model to entail all the services to cover their requirements.

Intellectual Property Rules

Intellectual Property Rules

Maatisaal’s IP team is dedicated to advising on as well as handling all types of intellectual property and technology related matters including contracts disposing of, acquiring, exploiting or licensing intellectual property rights. The team is experienced to help guide users in identifying the various rights involved and how these may be best utilized and protected both in the Egypt/Middle East/North Africa and throughout the world.

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