“I would sooner become a spinster than have a regretful marriage” A famous saying that we hear expressing the fear of remorse that we might have after marriage

Through the questions that we get via the application and our experience in the legal profession and dealing with society in the thousands of cases we encountered, we notedthat this fear is caused by extreme ignorance among men and women of their rights and responsibilities in marital life in relation to the personal status laws in Egypt.

We discovered that this fear not only leads to losing both parties’ rights or waiver of these rights whether through lack of knowledge or ignorance of the matter but also leads to the deterioration of the existing marital relationships and the negative impact on their quality due to the fear of the spouses of things that could be unrealistic but they heard from the cinema, series or from someone who is not specialized.

Other times, the man or the woman have conclusions or speculations about their rights or responsibilities in the event of divorce, making them either impulsively or unconsciously willing to divorce, or absolutely afraid of it no matter how harmful and unfruitful their relationship is.

Fear can also be of the complicated procedures and the unwillingness to go through the experience of standing before the courts in order to avoid the society’s view of the husbands or wives who claim their rights through recourse.

So we, at Maatisaal, have decided, to issue a chain of articles with the sole purpose of raising the legal awareness of the couple about the personal status laws in Egypt, informing the spouses of their rights and duties in the event of divorce in order to avoid lengthy litigation and our desire to help the spouses to end marital disputes outside the family courts.

These are some of the topics that we will advise on in our articles in the coming weeks

1- The couple’s knowledge of their rights and duties before, during and after marriage

2- The couple’s knowledge of children’s rights on each of them

3- Knowing the difference between the child’s right on the father and on the mother

4- Knowing who has the right to custody of little children

5- The difference between a girl’s custody and a boy’s custody

6- Knowing the Consequential effects of divorce on the husband and wife

7- Knowing the desirable measures to be taken by both parties to reduce the chances of problems after marriage

8- The due alimony on the husband for the wife and children.

After you read these articles, you will be able to recognize any false information given to you on the personal status laws and prevent you from making any wrong decisions in your marital relationship.

These articles are not intended to dispense away with lawyers. They only aim to raise awareness of the law, to know the needs that you require from your lawyer and how you should follow up his service in a way that remains comfortable for both the lawyer and the client. Sometime, Lawyers also complain about the ignorance of their clients of the law which would render them unable to serve their clients appropriately, that’s why these articles are a win-win for everyone..

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